Tech News for January 21

Introducing the GovTech100: Civic Innovation’s Next Phase

Something happened to civic tech in 2015. It grew up quickly. And changed its name. What emerged in its place was the GovTech market — broader and more robust than civic tech had been originally defined, a namesake of its own dedicated venture capital fund, and indicative of new opportunities for transformational change in the public sector.

[] 01/21

Why Jerry Brown’s State Of The State Won’t Overstate California’s Case

What should Governor Brown say on Thursday? As someone who’s collaborated on these addresses with a past California governor, a word of advice: check out last week’s Hoover Institution Golden State Poll. The annual Sacramento ritual begins at 10 a.m. that morning. For local network affiliates across the Golden State, that requires choosing between the governor and a fourth hour of Today, The View and The Price Is Right.

[] 01/20

The case for looking to the states, not the federal government, to protect your privacy

A year ago, President Obama stood behind a podium at the Federal Trade Commission and called for legislation that would set a single national standard for when companies have to tell consumers that their personal information was stolen or misused. “Right now, almost every state has a different law on this, and it’s confusing for consumers and it’s confusing for companies — and it’s costly, too, to have to comply to this patchwork of laws,” he said.

[] 01/21

Cybersecurity 2016: Out with the Old, in with the New

In 2015, we determined that the important criteria of cybersecurity include the need for proactive defensive approaches, what weaknesses exist in current cybersecurity technologies, how even billion-dollar systems are being hacked, the current and future dangers if we don’t fix these problems, and the need to do this all in milliseconds.

[] 01/13

Big data offers both risks and rewards

Most of us in the business world long ago learned the value of data about customer behavior. You know the drill: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. That’s not going to change. But as customer data becomes more critical to even the smallest business decisions, danger looms. Consumers are growing more concerned every year about privacy.

[] 01/15

Intel Refocuses, Sets Sights on Internet of Things

The Oregon chipmaker has worked with point-of-sale companies to provide processors for the computers that ring up sales in the majority of America’s stores.  Eventually, the technology will save retailers so much money they won’t be able to afford not to use it, he said.

[] 01/20

San Francisco mayor hopes to lead push to end gun violence with technology

At Wednesday’s U.S. Conference of Mayors’ winter meeting in Washington, D.C., Lee detailed how San Francisco is using new technology to cut down on shootings and how it is working to encourage the private sector to do the same.

[] 01/21

State Procurement Officials Rank 2016 Priorities

The National Association of State Procurement Officials on Wednesday released its list of the top 10 priorities for state procurement, based on a national survey of its members. “For the second year, state CPOs [central procurement officers] collectively ranked process reform and reengineering as the number one priority for state procurement in 2016. This includes encouraging streamlined procurement processes, modernize procurement law, reduce laws and regulations complexity.”

[] 01/21

Cal Fire Requests More Staff to Ward Off System Failures, Boost Data Security

Cal Fire would like to spend $3 million to boost its IT staffing levels in order to address a “significant threat of system failures” and protect against cyberattacks, according to state documents. Cal Fire also reports that it currently does not have enough technical expertise to manage its public website, “which has caused failures in the past.”

[] 01/21

These 5 Facts Explain How Technology Is Shaping Our World

Every year, 2,500 or so global political leaders, businessmen and thinkers descend on Davos, Switzerland, for an annual meeting to discuss the world’s big issues. This year’s overarching theme is the disruptive nature of technology—these five facts explain how digital-age technologies have already transformed our world, for better and for worse.

[] 01/20


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