Tech News for January 6

Dan Walters: California windfall creates budget division

Halfway through the 2015-16 fiscal year, state finances are continuing to improve with billions of extra revenue dollars. Ordinarily, that would be good news.  However, as the Legislature returns to Sacramento this week after a nearly four-month hiatus, the windfall of taxes — mostly income taxes — looms as a political flashpoint. Democrats want to spend it — mostly on health, welfare and education services — but Gov. Jerry Brown, who will release his initial 2016-17 budget this week, is clearly reluctant.

[] 01/05

Ambitious Student-Data-Privacy Law in California Attracts National Attention

Educators and policymakers around the country will be keeping a close eye on an ambitious suite of K-12 data-privacy measures that went into effect Jan. 1 in California. The law primarily aims to prevent third-party contractors from selling student data for advertising purposes, and restricts vendors from creating profiles of students for any non-educational purpose. Companies doing business in California districts are now also required to meet basic cyber-security standards and be prepared to delete student data at school or district requests.

[] 01/05

California’s New Data Breach Notification Requirements Effective January 1, 2016

When the California legislature closed out their 2015 session on September 11 of 2015, they sent three bills to Governor Jerry Brown proposing amendments to the state’s data breach laws which were all signed into law on October 6 and took effect January 1, 2016. The new laws address what license plate data automated readers may collect, defined encryption, and critically, made significant changes to the details of the required content and format of data breach notifications.

[] 01/04

LA Launches El Niño Map to Aid Citizens as Storms Hit

The City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency’s “El Niño Watch” website shows users a map of the county, including a layer showing rainfall severity and pins that show where residents can find sandbags, shelter, hardware stores and other resources. The map also lets users know the status of power outages and shows traffic alerts.

[] 01/06

Privacy and Ed-tech in 2016

There was a lot of legislative movement for the educational technology (ed-tech) industry in 2015 with states placing additional privacy regulations on the industry, and the effects of those new acts should be felt this year. The states that passed this type of legislation in 2015 were following California’s lead. Even though these states enacted legislation after SOPIPA, at least one of these acts came into effect before SOPIPA became operative (which was January 1, 2016).

[] 01/05

Five things to watch for in Jerry Brown’s budget proposal

Gov. Jerry Brown will release his budget proposal for the coming year Thursday, amid a strong state economy and fiscal experts’ predictions that tax revenue will continue to surpass estimates from last June. If Brown’s past budget proposals are any clue, the Democratic governor will warn that it all could quickly go south. The fourth-term governor’s spending plan is unlikely to include big new policy proposals. But there still will be areas that interests with a stake in state spending will be scrutinizing Thursday.

[] 01/05

Essential Politics: Obama seeking Gov. Brown’s help on guns

As members of Congress were returning to Washington from a holiday recess, the attention was on President Obama’s attempt to crack down on gun purchases even as the move demonstrated the limits of his office. As Christi Parsons reports, Obama joked, preached and wept in the East Room of the White House on Tuesday, outlining how he’ll use his authority to fight gun violence but revealing along the way that an appeal to the heart may be the most powerful tool he can muster.

[] 01/06

Cloud computing can be the solution to big data problem: Senior Scientist Dr. A. K. Mishra

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes created every day, data storage and analysis has become a great challenge. Addressing “Big Data and Cloud Computing in Agri-Bioinformatics” in the plenary talk session of 103rd Indian Science Congress at the University of Mysore the Senior Scientist Indian agricultural Research Institute IARI Dr. A. K. Mishra said that Cloud computing can be the solution to Big data problem.

[] 01/06

Albuquerque recognized for its tech side

Albuquerque may not be a giant city like New York City or Los Angeles but Government Technology Magazine listed it as 6th in the nation when it comes to cities using technology to improve services and boost efficiency. Use of the Albuquerque’s 311 system has more than doubled since its 2013 launch. People are now able to report a city problem or get information using the 311 app and website.

[] 01/05

Obama embraces smart guns, thrilling proponents of the controversial technology

Proponents of smart guns say President Obama’s executive action on gun control, which includes a directive for the government to research and potentially buy the controversial firearms, is the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for. “I think this is the biggest advancement in personalized handgun policy to have taken place ever,” said Stephen Teret.

[] 01/05


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