Tech News for February 1

New Online Features Should Streamline Hiring for State Jobs, Officials Say

California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) officials say a newly launched IT system and website should make it less cumbersome to find and apply for state jobs and will help hiring managers find more qualified candidates.

Last week CalHR launched the first public-facing components of the Examination and Certification Online System (ECOS), a multi-phase project that’s eliminating back-end legacy systems and moving the state to an automated, modern architecture that offers improved online functionality to the public and internal users.

The improvements include a new website where users can log in to a new “CalCareer” online account to upload and save multiple versions of their resume, apply online for jobs and track the status of positions, and search geographically for positions, among other features.

“We want to make it easier for people to find state jobs, to apply for state jobs, and for the state departments — hiring authorities — to administer the process in a more timely manner so we can be more responsive to these candidates and get thewm in before we lose them to other employers,” CalHR Director Richard Gillihan told TechWire on Thursday.

*[TechWire] 01/29

How Government Can Mine the Value of IT

Too many governments still are thinking too small about information technology, looking narrowly and downward at IT as “the problem.” This diverts attention from how the use of technology can shape organizational strategies.

True, IT itself was the problem when it was expensive, hard to use, and could be applied only to high-volume, highly structured processes such accounting. And marketing hype created uncertainty: How could governments get objective information to realistically assess technology vendors’ claims? How could governments keep an IT project from becoming a front-page failure?

[TechWire] 02/01

Los Angeles Unveils Portal for Location-Based Open Data

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Esri President Jack Dangermond on Friday unveiled Los Angeles’ newest tech innovation, called GeoHub. It’s expected to provide location-as-a-service technology (LaaS) to relay real-time data and mapping to the city and its residents and businesses.

At a press conference on Friday that was also broadcast live online, Garcetti said the portal will “help us reinvent the way we relay our services and broaden our ability to engage residents and businesses to improve the quality of life in their city.”

[TechWire] 02/01

Caltrans Hiring for CTO Position

The California Department of Transportation is hiring a chief technology officer. The deadline to apply is Feb. 18.

The job description describes the duties of the position:

“Under the general direction of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the incumbent is responsible for developing and implementing departmental policy related to the Department’s current and future infrastructure operations statewide including establishing policy standards related to hardware, software and telecommunications. The incumbent will manage a highly technical function that has a direct effect on the Department’s ability to deliver its program and services. The incumbent is also responsible for delivering exceptional Information Technology (IT) Support services to Sacramento metropolitan area. This position is expected to continually enhance our customer’s experience by implementing, utilizing and monitoring proven customer service practices. As a key leader in IT, the incumbent ensures staff is highly qualified to perform their duties and meet customer expectations.”

[TechWire] 02/01

Transforming Cyber and Infrastructure Security: An Interview with the DHS Cyber Chief

An exclusive interview with Dr. Phyllis Schneck, deputy under secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications for the National Protection and Programs Directorate within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As our global online world evolves before our eyes, the topic of cybersecurity seems overwhelming to most people. Just as new innovative opportunities are announced daily, emerging cyberthreats can undermine online progress in virtually every area of life.

*[GovTech] 01/31

2016 State of the State Addresses: Does Technology Matter?

Government Technology’s editorial team analyzes this year’s speeches to see which governors are talking tech.

The annual addresses delivered by governors around the country underscored policy priorities that routinely top the lists of state chief executives — education, economic vitality, health care and transportation. And while state-to-state differences are evident, what also comes through is that many elected leaders now see technology as an important tool that helps meet their policy objectives. And many of them are talking about.

*[GovTech] 01/30

New Technologies Give Government Ample Means to Track Suspects, Study Finds


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