Tech News for May 10

7 Ways Cloud Computing Propels IT Security

To some, cloud computing and IT security do not intersect. The results are often disastrous. Considering the huge amount of press that cloud computing receives when breaches occur, it’s easy to understand why they believe that. But if you look at IT security from a wider lens, you’ll see that cloud computing technologies are actually helping to propel IT security at rates never seen before. Indeed, some of the advancement of security mechanisms and architectures such as end-to-end encryption can be traced back to public and private cloud security breaches where sensitive data was stolen for profit or fun.

[] 5/8

LiveOps Cloud to Exhibit and Present the Reimagined Contact Center at the ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference

LiveOps Cloud, a premier Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider, is in Southern California this week for the ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference, a top industry event focused on the importance of the customer journey. LiveOps Cloud will provide a comprehensive demonstration of CxEngage during the event, showcasing how the platform helps businesses gain more value from their contact center and customer service professionals better facilitate customer interactions. The company will also present on harnessing the power of the contact center to improve the customer experience.

[] 5/9

Top 2016 Cybersecurity Reports Out From AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Google, IBM, McAfee, Symantec And Verizon

The biggest players in cyber have published their annual security reports for 2016. Each one brings its unique view on cybercrime, and cyber defense strategies.

[] 5/9

As Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to release his revised state budget this week, he’s hearing calls from Democratic lawmakers, liberal interest groups and even some Republicans urging him to significantly boost spending to help California’s poorest residents

As Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to release his revised state budget this week, he’s hearing a chorus of calls from Democratic lawmakers, liberal interest groups and even some Republicans urging him to significantly boost spending to help California’s poorest residents. Brown’s budget comes after tax collections in April, the state’s biggest revenue month, fell $1 billion short of expectations and cast uncertainty on what the state can afford.

[] 5/9

California launches new framework for tech projects

California last week released the first version of its Project Management Framework, designed to shepherd the state’s tech projects from idea to implementation. The framework, developed by the state Department of Technology’s Project Management Office, lays out guidance for every stage of a project and offers a selection of tools, templates and other resources that officials can use — like sample plans and checklists. It aims to help project managers with any level of experience launch a tech project while avoiding cost overruns or delays.

[] 5/9

FCC, FTC launch inquiry into smartphone security updates

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission have opened parallel inquiries into the way smartphone security updates are issued and handled by major mobile carriers and device makers. The two agencies say they are responding to the growing amount of personal information held in smartphones and a recent rise in the attacks on the security of that information.

[] 5/9

Assemblymember Wants Audit of Non-Competitive State Bids

When the state of California needs a vendor, it often asks private entities and individuals to bid for the contract to get a good price. But exemptions in state law allow the state to award very large contracts without competition in certain circumstances. Just how often such transactions occur and why is unknown, and they are the heart of a new audit request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. “The use of non-competitive bid contracts has the effect of inflating the costs of goods and services utilized by state entities,” Assemblymember Brian Jones, R-Santee, wrote to the audit committee. “Their use should be minimized and avoided wherever possible.”

[] 5/10

Former Official Launches IT Consulting Business

Former Assemblymember and ex-Chico mayor Rick Keene recently reopened his IT consulting business, with a focus on business development advocacy and procurement assistance for the C-suite and all levels of government. “After three years of in-house business development work, I recently left SAS Institute to broaden my focus from assisting a single company to assisting multiple companies within the IT community to advance their technology solution footprint within California state government,” said Keene. Keene served in the Assembly from 2001 to 2008, representing the 3rd District, whose boundaries in the north state include Chico and parts of Butte and Colusa counties, as well as four other counties. He served on the Chico City Council for eight years (1994-2002).

[] 5/10

Ag Tech Disruptions Present and Future

Disruption succeeded. Agricultural technology is now officially disruptive — the global giants have noticed. Revenue streams cultivated for two centuries are irrevocably changing. Ag tech developers and integrators will profit. Disruption is underway. The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) soon will promulgate a fundamental change for farmers. As AOL founder Steve Case said, “You cannot ignore government.” But that’s part two of a two-part column. First, we’ll talk about our successful disruption, which is already in the fields. Second, a week from now we’ll talk about the regulatory disruption that worries Karen Ross, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. (You don’t have to take my word for it.)

[] 5/10

DOT opens documents from secret drone registration meetings

Under pressure from a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, lawsuit, the Department of Transportation has opened documents, including a final report, from closed meetings of the Federal Aviation Administration’s drone task force. Concerns about privacy infringement led the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, to file the suit on April 4, 147 days after it submitted a FOIA request seeking access to non-exempt records related to meetings of the Unmanned Aircraft System Registration Task Force. The task force was set up on Oct. 19, 2015, to develop registration recommendations for drones weighing less than 55 pounds.

[] 5/10


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