Tech News for May 12

State Judicial Branch Details 2016 IT Projects

The California Judicial Branch has more than a dozen projects on its agenda for 2016 and beyond. A recent meeting document for the organization’s Information Technology Advisory Committee details the initiatives some of which are summarized in brief below.

Longer term, the group also has been tasked with modernizing rules to support e-business and developing rules and legislation, if necessary, for using e-signatures. The target date for those changes is 2018.

[] 05/12

Pentagon Turns to Silicon Valley for Edge in Artificial Intelligence

In its quest to maintain a United States military advantage, the Pentagon is aggressively turning to Silicon Valley’s hottest technology — artificial intelligence.

On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter made his fourth trip to the tech industry’s heartland since being named to his post last year. Before that, it had been 20 years since a defense secretary had visited the area, he noted in a speech at a Defense Department research facility near Google’s headquarters.

[] 05/11

San Francisco’s Superpublic: Cross-Discipline Working Space to Target City Challenges

Collaboration has a new home in San Francisco.

On May 9, the mayor’s office and partners announced the upcoming launch of a new co-working space designed for cross-agency and cross-sector collaboration on the city’s most complex challenges. CalledSuperpublic, the 5,000-square-foot space is housed, spiritually and physically, right next door to the federal government’s innovation arm, 18F.

California’s Medicaid Management System Settlement Propels Talk of IT Failures

When the state of California and system integrator Xerox announced in April they had agreed to stop development of a replacement for the California Medicaid Management Information System (CA-MMIS), the settlement included a stipulation that the two parties would not comment publicly about the pact for 30 days.

The silent period, seemingly, is over.

Karen Johnson, chief deputy director of the Department of Health Care Services, answered lawmakers’ questions about the CA-MMIS failure during a May 9 legislative budget hearing.

[] 05/12

California Pushes for Non-Gas Vehicles in State Fleets

When it comes to things like renewable energy, non-gasoline-powered vehicles and energy storage technology, the language proponents use is becoming very different from standard business talk.

Think “explosive growth” instead of “quarterly profit.”

That’s the ethos of an alternative fuel vehicle market waiting with baited breath as an enormous car-and-home battery factorygears toward production in the Nevada high desert, and it’s the message of solar advocates.

[] 05/12

California has a staggering amount of public pension debt. Here’s what that means for you

If all of California’s public pension debt were divided evenly by household, each house would need to pay $77,700, according to anew project from a Stanford University researcher.

The relatively high debt-to-household ratio makes the Golden State the third worst in the nation for total pension debt burden, behind Alaska and Illinois. That’s not to say that each Californian is responsible for paying $77,000, but the costs will fall on residents in different ways, as state and local governments figure out how to pay the debt, said Stanford researcher Joe Nation.

[] 05/11

Will Cloud Kill The IT Star?

It’s a question I hear often when speaking with companies across the globe: Does cloud computing spell the demise of the CIO and IT department?

The short answer: No. The longer, more complicated answer: The cloud will force IT leaders and their organizations to fundamentally change what they do (and don’t do), how they work with other departments, and what skills they bring to the table. The upside is tremendous for those who adapt; the downside is perilous for those who don’t.

As a CIO for part of my career, I struggled with how to define this critical leadership role and how my organization should support other business departments.

[] 0512


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