Tech News for May 20

4 Issues Government Should Consider Before Chasing the Cloud

How well do you know the cloud? What are the roles and responsibilities of the companies that provide cloud services? What part does the state or local government IT organization play when it comes to cloud technology?
These questions and others were at the center of a panel discussion at the Florida Digital Government Summit held May 12 in Tallahassee. During the 90-minute session, Florida’s Chief Technology Officer Eric Larson and two private-sector representatives weighed in on the four most important considerations and steps that need to be made before diving headlong into cloud migration.

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How To Respond To Your State’s Retirement Ready Workforce

As baby boomers start to reach retirement age, the workforce has started to shrink accordingly. But while the federal government must replace retiring employees to ensure continuity of government and stable service levels for taxpayers, the states have a little more flexibility. As a result, state and local governments are developing innovative ways to reshape the workforce to account for older workers who are leaving. James Honchar, Deputy Secretary for Human Resources and Management for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, got together with Emily Jarvis on GovLoop’s State and Local Spotlight to discuss the solutions the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has developed to counter their aging workforce.

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Analyst recommends ‘robust’ rainy-day fund for state budget

As the Legislature begins its deep dive into Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised budget, its fiscal analysts are urging at least as much caution as Brown is suggesting. Maybe even more. The first review by the indepdendent Legislative Analyst’s Office of the governor’s new budget argues that his call for an $8.5-billion reserve fund is a smart move. “There is no single ideal level for reserves. However, at this point in a mature economic expansion, we think it would be prudent to pursue a target for total reserves that is at least as large as the $8.5 billion amount in the governor’s revised budget proposal.” -Legislative Analyst’s Office

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Appropriations Committee Delays Action on Cybersecurity Bills

The Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday delayed action on a handful of bills intended to boost California’s cybersecurity, including the completion of a statewide cybersecurity plan and implementation of baseline security controls. Five cyber bills were moved to the suspense file, giving lawmakers time to address concerns involved with securing the state’s information systems against potential hackers. To help reduce the cost of AB 1881, author Assemblymember Ling Ling Chang, R-Diamond Bar, has drafted amendments that would spread annual security updates to every three years.

[] 5/20

State Awards $12.7M Contract for Centralized Customer Management System at DMV

Qmatic Corp. this month was awarded a $12.7 million contract to implement a new customer management and appointment system at the California DMV, according to state officials. The competitive procurement for a new Centralized Customer Flow Management and Appointment System (CCFMAS) was started in 2014. The system will replace two of DMV’s systems. The Qmatic queue flow system was implemented in 1999 and is in use at most of DMV’s field offices. It features a ticketing system, scrolling message boards and TV monitors for managing customer office visits. A separate in-house customized system handles scheduling of customer appointments online or by phone. Both systems are nearing end of life and can be consolidated, according to DMV.

[] 5/20

Foreman: Public Sector Organizations Need to Adopt a Mobile Strategy

The public sector tends to be late adopters of technology, and this is the case with mobile technology. However, there are several reasons why nonprofits and public sector organizations need to adopt a mobile strategy.

[] 5/20

State Enacts New Framework for Managing IT Projects

The California Department of Technology has released a guidance letter announcing a policy change that enacts its newly released framework for managing IT projects. California Project Management Framework (CA-PMF) replaces the project management guidance and tools contained within the California Project Management Methodology (CA-PMM), and the State Administrative Manual has been edited to add requirements for using CA-PMF when managing IT projects.

[] 5/20

3 Things You Need To Know About Gov’s Mobile Health

If you’re like me, then you’re probably looking down every so often at your Fitbit or Apple Watch to see if you’re making your step goals for the day. Let’s be honest, the step count matters. However, you probably don’t think what happens to the data that your smart watch collects or how the government could use it to make your life easier and healthier. But the Department of Veterans Affairs is looking at the data, closely. The VA is working to utilize mobile technology to allow veterans to access health care remotely and easier. GovLoop and Red Hat’s Putting Mobile Health to Work roundtable offered an interactive discussion on how the Department of Veterans Affairs is utilizing mobile health to better cater to their audience. William Cerniuk, Co-Director of VA Mobile Provider Program at the Department of Veterans Affairs; Neil Evans, MD, Chief Officer at the office of Connected Care, Veterans Health Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs; and Steve Brady, Federal Mobile Specialists at Red Hat offered an inside perspective on initial mobile health app development and the overall process of moving towards mobile health.

[] 5/20


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